Gaia Everworld Pushes New Standards And Updates To Its Platform

Gaia Everworld’s innovative design allows players to create, own and trade virtual land. The platform will allow users to develop their own gaming experiences within the game by creating new objects, weapons, and abilities for other players to use.

In addition, players can also sell their creations on the Gaia Everworld Marketplace. The world of Everworld will be a mix of fantasy and science fiction and will consist of more than 100 unique locations that can be fully customized by players. The platform also offers an extensive set of tools that allow creators to create dynamic content, including an item builder and a character.

Each NFT has a unique and unchangeable owner address, each with a private key to prove ownership. The collection is managed by an external smart contract that will issue assets to new addresses as users send their tokens to the designated collection address. The Non-Fungible Token (NFT) ERC-721 standard is a token standard for unique tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.