Gala Competes With Successful Blockchain Games Such As Axie Infinity

The price figures for GALA increased by 94% over the month. Today, GALA’s was $0.08698. The token is down 5.57% in the last 24 hours. Gala is currently on the rise. It continues to attract the attention of the cryptocurrency community, despite a dramatic increase. Gala Games has a number of blockchain-related projects. This allows users to play the game with their own NFT characters.

This made it much easier for this altcoin to thrive after it was launched on the Binance cryptocurrency exchange. GALA is ready to compete with successful blockchain games such as Axie Infinity. For example, Axie has risen to 300 Ethereum (ETH). On Illuvium (ILV), the price of its own ILV token increased from $33.30 to $613 in less than 3 months. GALA, on the other hand, grew in popularity once it was listed on Binance. Despite this, we can see that the initiative has gained traction in recent months, having developed its own platform. The revival of the non-financial sector is also beneficial.