Gala Surges Today: What Should You Know?

No one can deny the fact how cryptocurrency has changed the world and the market at all. One of such game-changers is the Gala. For today, the worth of crypto is $0.098565 with a gain of 1% for the last 24-hours. The total market capitalization of the coin is $742,080,625 along with the market capitalization rank of #126. Additionally, trading volume is making up $116,783,242 with a total supply of 7,542,496,572.

Gala, a blockchain gaming-focused project that allows users to use their unique NFT characters in gameplay. The main goal of the Gala is to create blockchain games and gives players the opportunity to take back control of their games. GALA was developed as a gaming token to support the Gala Games ecosystem. Currently, GALA, based on the Ethereum blockchain, is a utility token that can be used in exchange.