Gala Games Is Offering Legends Reborn Venues For Purchase

Gala Games Store now has the Legends Reborn Venues available to purchase. A Venue Owner is a person who has purchased the right to host matches at their establishment. This right can be purchased by anyone, and the amount of money needed to do so depends on the size of the venue.

A small inn could purchase this right for 1 gold piece, while a large stadium would cost 50 gold pieces. The owner must also pay an annual fee equal to 1% of the original purchase price. This fee can be paid in installments.

The Legends Reborn presale is just getting started, but already fans are taking notice. This hugely engaging game has the potential to reach millions of players worldwide. The game itself is a reimagining of the original Legends card game, which was released enjoyed enormous success. Over time, the game has drawn a huge following among CCG fans and enjoys huge support to this day.