Galatic Kitty Fighters Breaks Into Metaverse With New Features

The Galatic Kitty Fighters NFT can be traded freely and openly on the market. As the platform develops, G-Kitty NFT’s price will continue to rise with the platform. In addition, G-Kitty will provide some exclusive activities for early backers of the project. For example, players who purchased G-Kitty at a certain period of time or bought certain amounts of G-Kitty will receive additional bonus rewards such as gold and gems.

DMC uses G-Kitty as a mascot for its platform. Users can access games on the platform by acquiring G-Kitty NFTs from authorized exchanges or through auctions on DMC’s official website. The user will then use these G-Kitties to play games, which are all themed around G-Kitty and blockchain technology. The goal of DMC is to make the gaming experience enjoyable for everyone. We strive to make a server that is fair for all players and gives every player a chance to enjoy the game in their own way.