GamingShiba Is The Most Popular Cryptocurrency Within A Week

The GamingShiba platform was created by professional developers on Binance Smart Chain. However, the founder of the platform is unknown. According to its official website, GamingShiba, a play-to-earn crypto startup, allows gamers to purchase and trade NFT, and also 7% of each transaction would go to community incentives, while 1% will be awarded to token holders. Since last week, the platform has been in the top 10 trends on Coinmarketcap. And it is the current price open at $0.000000000172 by a 3% profit.

The total supply of GAMINGSHIBA is 100 quadrillion. Hence, the number of holders expanding significantly since its launch to over 48k, and the Twitter community has reached 95k followers, also 77k in Telegram. Some analysts believe the coin will rise, but it is still too early to forecast the coin’s future. Predictions, particularly long-term forecasts, should always be seen as indicators rather than absolutes. In this situation, investors should keep a watch on GamingShiba tokens in the coming month.