GDDR7 Memory Possibly Powers AMD’s RDNA 4 Radeon RX 8000 Series VRAM

AMD prepares for big technology changes in it’s microarchitecture for graphics chips after successful Xilinx acquisition. Latest tech leaks suggest that GDDR7 memory type will power AMD’s Radeon RDNA 4 (Navi 4) generation’s VRAM. That’s not a big surprise since gamers might get their hands on new RX 8000 series family within two years.

Well reputable chip industry insider Red Gaming Tech has just leaked some worthy information about AMD’s GDDR7 and Reprogrammable Custom Block feature which appears to be another great plans to tackle Nvidia’s bloated GPU stock and further hurt it’s falling gaming department amid Ethereum GPU mining is about to end nearing October in this year.

GDDR7 leaks for Radeon RX 8000 GPUs
Courtesy Of Red Gaming Tech

Obviously, GDDR7 memory type is not available yet but given release date that AMD launches RX 8000 series from two years now the things can get pretty mainstream easily in this current hottest chip competition. Huge bandwidth featured VRAM like GDDR7 may double the texture pack filtering with Ray Tracing performance and stabilize frame rate without stuttering hiccups.

Right after Xilinx acquisition according to Red Gaming Tech, AMD set clear goals to integrate some Xilinx IP into it’s revolutionary Machine Learning process to provide Ray Tracing core emulations and more unexplored boundaries. These Reprogrammable Custom Blocks¬†might be easily modified like FPGAs within RDNA 4 architecture chip. AMD realizes that Ray Tracing graphics fidelity is the biggest challenge since Nvidia jumped into RTX bandwagon long time ago.

Source: Red Gaming Tech