Gears 5: How to Defeat Matriarch, Horrible Monster in Icy Palace

The Matriarch’s jumping from ceilings of the ice-covered palace made my legs shake. Just look at the terrible creature that everybody would think he is undefeatable. Only one punch of his fist can turn me into dust. Believe me, he was my nightmare! But after I used a gun that freezes him for five seconds, confidence arose in my head. There is a tool for any scary boss. Don’t waste your time running and jumping. Apply tips below if you do not want to waste your precious time that is dedicated to upcoming games.

Freezing Gun

Just shoot that annoying monster by the freezer and you have a chance to shoot his back for 5 seconds. Your partner or AI will help you with the shooting. After five seconds passed he may jump far away. You should find him immediately by saving more time. Don’t trust your AI partner – he can shoot only. Load your guns before he comes closer to you.

Gears 5: How to Defeat Matriarch

Weak Body Part

The scary monster’s back is open and not protected by any cover. Shooting the back decreases his life quick. Use a shotgun but an automatic rifle is effective too. I expect his heart is at the back, however, not covered. Your AI partner will assist you but don’t believe in his strength as it leads to loss.

Icy Floor

When he approaches you should start shooting by the freezer because he is too fast. You can either shoot the floor or shoot him by the freezer. While he is not moving you better aim his weak point – the back.

Ultra Sonic Sound

The Matriarch has an amazing weapon that can slow you down and damage your eyes sight. You can barely see him approaching and shooting with a laser. Don’t relax, keep freezing him until you kill him completely.