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Gears 5: How to Kill Kraken, Final Boss with Tongues

The final boss is always tough in any game. He is not Matriarch who can be frozen for you to shoot his sensitively weak points. This final boss gets your team consumed by long tongues and flying leeches. In first fight Kraken was not defeated by bombs, somehow his parasitic nature saved him from fire. No one shall stay not panicking when he attacks with so many options that are inside his long body. There should be a special weapon that can rip him off and wipe his name from history. Yes, there it is but how to stay alive till the gun is found?

How to Defeat Kraken – Final Boss in Gears 5

Before you attack him make spots where you will send your bullets. His body is bulletproof with thick organic skin, similar to iron. Keep a distance from him so you can see what creatures will come out of the fantastic beasts organism. Firstly, you will fear them by shaking your hands that hold controller or mouse. Secondly, ‘out of no choice’ situation will make you fight with whatever you got. So watch out:

Leeches: his flying worms may attack you by biting. Shoot them wherever they are.

Long tongues: do not allow his disgusting tongues swallow or tear you up. Stay away and keep shooting precisely.

Use massive destruction guns available near you, some AI friends may tell you to shoot Kraken by air defense weapon. Rifles are useless unless they protect against tongues and leeches.

You are free to shoot friends – they don’t die by your hands. So, do not be afraid and aim his weak points such as mouth, tongues, and leeches. Wait for your team to initiate vertical laser. That weapon is only a solution to kill the gigantic Kraken who disturbs in the final ending. Killing him takes a long time but the game gets seriously interesting with unpredictable scenes.