General Motors Continues To Beat The Market

General Motors has been growing quickly. It was founded in 2013, and after 2 years of testing its self-driving cars, it managed to attract $1 billion in investment in 2015. The next year, General Motors decided to invest $1 billion into the company for a 9% share.

Then in 2016, GM decided to buy the rest of the company for $1 billion. There’s been a trend with some companies, where they get a big infusion of cash from investors, and then the following year another big firm will buy them out.

General Motors will be used as a production and financing partner. Due to the company’s current lack of revenue, it will be using GM as a partner for production and financing. In 2022 and the past, the company plans on using GM to build its software into cars.

Revenue could change in 2022. Considering that General Motors is trying to take a 49% stake in the company, it’s not surprising that Cruise is looking more and more like a Silicon Valley startup rather than a carmaker.