Genius Brands (GNUS) Popped Off Like Firecrackers on Monday

Genius Brands (GNUS) has already been traded once at a high of $11.73 almost one year ago. Today, the stock of GNUS is valued at $1.80, dropped by 85%, however, the daily increase yesterday, was by 7.22% from $1.81 to $1.91.Genius Brands (GNUS) Popped Off Like Firecrackers on MondayIn a nutshell, Genius Brands is a media company that specializes in the marketing, development, and licensing of kid-oriented entertainment. The markets, it seems to me, still have doubts about governance to this company. GNUS stock did not rise greatly despite the rush of favorable news

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However, the assessment is more significant in this case. The organization had $1.1 million in revenue in the first quarter of 2021. This would equate to $4.4 million in annual revenue. Nonetheless, GNUS stock now has a market valuation of $541 million. As a result, this stock is currently dealing at 122.9 times fiscal-year revenue for the fiscal year 2021.

Jack Dawkins

Finance and Tech Contributor