Genius Brands International’s Stock Rockets As Indoor Entertainment During Crisis Gets Trendy

Schools and kindergartens have been closed due to lockdown and following holidays. Multimedia entertainment has become the first choice to kill the boredom of kids. COVID-19 is still strong outside staying at home and watching cartoons from Disney, Nickelodeon, Kartoon Channel, and many more.

Genius Brands is in the crowded market by providing its content to a large audience while internet backed smart TV solution makes many families forget traditional broadcasting. Could TV channels survive in this challenging age of streaming services? Only spreading contents across various sources Genuis Brands might compete in the highly competitive market.

NASDAQ: GNUS turned into penny stock many years ago due to several factors. The biggest one is the failure to provide the viral content which could lift revenue and stock significantly. Human resource managers should have been regretting not hiring creative employees.

Soon GNUS may soar again by multiple folds as a creative group of millennials could revive its greatness once more.