Get 20,000 Shiba Inu (SHIB) Tokens and $150 Bonus From Huobi In 14 Hours

After Shiba Inu announced that it got listed in RobinHood, launching SHIB metaverse today, a new utility for SHIB, Huobi starts offering a $150 bonus with 20k of SHIB to its new users. The offer ends in fourteen hours but the 2x speed bonus will be valid for 72 hours. Such a big opportunity comes once in a month so keep hustling by sighing up in Huobi.

Shiba Inu will be burning its tokens each time the user creates and changes a picture in the SHIB metaverse. SHIB token will also be used to name or rename the land while burning each time the user does so. The token will be used as well in leasing high-value lands or HUBS.

When metaverse launches SHIB will skyrocket. You should sign up now to get free SHIB tokens from Huobi.

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