Gevo Stock Bouncing Up: Will It Hit $70?

Through the alliance, Gevo and Axens will accelerate the commercialization of ethanol-to-jet projects in the US. Gevo will receive exclusive rights to develop and sell ETJ plants in the US. Axens will also provide process guarantees for the plants. Gevo stock is $6.70, marking over 20%. With over 20 years of experience in the field of converting olefins, such as butylene, into hydrocarbons, Axens has become a leader in this field. Instead of making petroleum-based products, it is now possible to convert ethanol and butanol into high-quality olefins.

This process can be used to make renewable hydrocarbons. As part of the agreement, Gevo has granted Axens exclusive rights to develop and commercialize technology related to isobutanol-based fuels. The company also recognized Axens’ commitment to Gevo’s growth and its innovative technology bundle approach. With the acquisition of Axens, Gevo has gained access to its expertise and patented technology to produce alcohol-to-jet fuels. They also expect to build their own plants or partner with other producers.

Anthony Gonzales

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