Ghost Recon Breakpoint On Geforce RTX 2070 Super at 1440p Ultra Benchmarks

Cool games need fast and solid graphics cards that can pair with any reliable CPU. Our cool game today is Ghost Recon Breakpoint that is tested by 0z0nich Youtube channel with their PC specs: Intel Core i7 6700K, MSI Z270 Gaming Plus Palit motherboard, GeForce RTX 2070 Super, JS Corsair Vengeance LPX 16Gb DDR4 @3200MHz RAM, and Deepcool DQ750ST – 750W Gold Cooler. Let’s see how gaming PC heats while delivering UX to the gamer.


Cleaning up the crash site from the enemies is not as easy as he thinks. Conversely, picking the right weapon could help him finish the enemies faster. The territory is very large but trees and crashed helicopter’s remainings do not give a burden to the GPU in delivering colorful objects. Stressed hero runs with fear that all of his people died. His main objective is to survive and save the remaining soldiers in this vast place.


At 2k ultra settings temperature of the GPU reaches 70 degrees in Celcius but the processor is not lucky for having volatile degrees between 67 and 73. The major burden lies on the CPU with 8 threads. For lower temperatures, he would use medium or low presets.

Frame time

On average 17.2ms the game runs quite smoothly but frame time could be lower at lower presets. Ultra settings always tank the performance. Unfortunately, the game is perfect at 1440p with ultra settings. I strongly recommend pairing the GPU with core i9 9900 series or Ryzen 9 3900 series to get the lowest FPS.

Frame rate

The game freezes the PC unless fastest GPU paired with CPU handle the process. RTX 2070 Super is really awesome but average 53 FPS is a result of ultra preset. I love 1440p and 1080p for now. Medium and low settings can perfectly match your UX in this gameplay. Just forget ultra settings while NVIDIA works on developing a faster sequel for this model.