GlobeX Data (SWISF) Soars 150% YTD: How to Trade Now?

The data security industry has grown at a remarkable pace over the past half a decade or so and one of the companies that could be of interest to many investors is GlobeX Data (OTC: SWISF).

GlobeX Data (SWISF) Soars 150% YTD: How to Trade Now?

The data security outfit has been one of the major gainers this year and so far, it has gained as big as 150%. Back in February, the company made a major announcement with regards to a new distribution agreement, and that proven to be another major trigger for the GlobeX Data stock. The company announced that it signed an agreement with a company based out of Sydney, Australia for the distribution of its communications product named Sekur.

The agreement is consistent with the company’s long-term strategy to expand its business in New Zealand and Australia. As soon as the company made the announcement, the GlobeX Data stock had soared considerably and it seems that the momentum has continued. It might be a wise move for investors to keep tracking the stock in the near term.

Anthony Gonzales

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