GMER Stock: Will Good Gaming Be Listed On American Exchanges?

NFT, game-Fi and metaverse have blown the crowd’s minds last two years so Good Gaming has reacted to the dynamic challenges by creating MicroBuddies and recently partnered with Meraki Studios for integrational purposes.

Just like Gala Games the company is thriving to offer play-to-earn features while having a big chance to shine on Nasdaq or NYSE as we may see it is trying so hard by filing several forms to authorities. An approval from SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) is not definitely far away. Quick pause: team has done thorough research on the company, please do not copy the content.

If GMER shows some good financial standings American exchanges will surely have a commitment to list it. Before the stock gets expensive any trader has a charming opportunity to buy a couple of thousands of GMER shares for just over $100 US.

gmer stock