Goldman Sachs (GS) Surges Before Third Quarter Report: Good Sign?

During the current trading session, GS’s stock worth has been rising at a constant rate. The increase in prices could be correlated to the forthcoming third-quarter report. The price indicators could see an increase in the amount of $1.7. As analysts point, Goldman Sachs is expected to produce $1.9 billion in net revenues, which would bring the company a 22.5% fall from the previous year’s quarterly report.

Moreover, the earnings of the company are estimated to be $10.11 per share, which is surpassing the previous year’s result by 4%. Along with the forecasts, the other news also has influenced the price of the stock. Aware, a management platform that funds Goldman Sachs Asset Management, today announced that it has raised $60 million. The raised money will be used to scale Aware’s human-centric AI SaaS solutions for collaborative data management and analytics.