Gomb Bounces Into Market With A Limited Supply Of Tokens

The GOMB algorithmic token is a key component of the Fantom network. Its goal is to provide a robust ecosystem for decentralized applications. Gomb Finance is a blockchain-based multi-token protocol that enables users to buy and sell GOMB. Its decentralized supply chain dynamically pushes the price up or down relative to $FTM. Inspired by the way Tomb Finance works, Gomb Finance decided to create its own version of Tomb Finance. It’s powered by Fantom, one of the most notable Blockchains.


Gomb Finance is powered by Fantom, a blockchain that’s already considered one of the most notable. Gomb token is a medium of exchange that is designed to work seamlessly across the network. Its stability mechanism is built-in to maintain its 1-FTM token cap. GOMB is the decentralized version of the GSHARE token. During expansions, it is distributed to all GSHARE holders. Gomb Bonds are issued when the TWAP of Gomb falls below 1 FTM. These are issued to incentivize changes in supply.