Google Could Buy Dropbox Out Amid GDrive and GCloud Offer Bigger Services

Dropbox has been inspiring many cloud-based startups and even established tech companies including Alphabet (GOOG). When it first started running the operating expenses (especially ads) were draining so much money because of limited revenue and poor recognition of cloud storage among file storing customers. As time went by the cloud service industry grew together with Dropbox but the terrible competitors came out of the biggest corporation.

GDrive and GCloud are Cheaper

Google has seen that cloud services will boom soon and creating GDrive and GCloud was necessary for the future of the internet ads corporation. Meanwhile, Apple, Microsoft, IBM, Samsung, and Amazon have put a lot of resources to build their own cloud systems to ease UX and UI at the same time.

Trillion vs Billion

Alphabet (GOOG) is a trillion-dollar company with the vast capability to offer even AI-based services. The multibillion firm Dropbox (DBX) has limited resources in competing with giants like Amazon and Microsoft. Agreeing to be bought by Google could be possible near future as the innovative products and services of Dropbox are seen very seldom.

Richard McEntire

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