Grande West Transportation Group (BUSXF) Hits Multi-Year High On Solid Volume

The electric vehicle space has become one of the hottest sectors for investors over the past year or so and one of the stocks that could be worth tracking is that of Canadian company Grande West Transportation Group Inc (OTC: BUSXF).

The Grande West stock has delivered significant gains over the past six months, having gone up by as much as 900%. On Tuesday, the stock was back in focus among investors and climbed another 20%.

The company is involved in the manufacturing of multipurpose transit vehicles of a middling size. Eventually, those vehicles are sold in Canada and the United States.

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Earlier this week, Grande West reiterated that it currently has orders worth to the tune of $40 million that it is going to fulfill by the end of the first half of this year. It is one of the factors that could return the company to profitability after having struggled due to the coronavirus pandemic. Investors could consider keeping track of the Grande West stock over the coming weeks.

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