Grape Finance Announces Free 2400 Grape Tokens For Stakers

Inspired by the Tomb Finance algorithm, Grape Finance is an algorithmic stable coin that has a 1:1 peg to MIM. It uses three tokens (GBOND, WINE, and GRAPE). The implementation tool that manages GRAPE’s supply dynamically adjusts its price depending on the market’s volatility. 2400 GRAPE tokens will be set free for the pool stakers during the launch but will last only 24 hours. These tokens will only be available for MIM and AVAX staking. The initial mass will be split between the two pools, with the remaining 80% allocated to the LP pool.

Grape Finance

After 24 hours, the remaining supply of Grape Finance will be distributed linearly throughout the week. For this period, they will only offer MIM and AVAX staking pools. The company may also add the WINE/MIM pair later this week. There are also 1000 GRAPE tokens that are still available for a community airdrop sometime during the first 10 days of this period. These tokens will be given to those who have been active members and holders in the community for the majority of their rewards.