Greencore Group (GNC.L) Shares Gain 0.08% By 8:35 Am.

After a decrease at the beginning of 2020, Greencore Group was not able to fully recover and reach its past results. However, it is still doing good in 2021. Today, the company’s share price opens at 131.80GBP and by 8.35 AM it has increased by 0.08%. For now, the price range is between 131.20GBP – 132.20GBP. The average volume is 3,2 million GBP. The EPS is -7.40. The largest insider buy in the previous year was by Independent Non-Executive Director Helen Rose, who purchased 59k GBP worth of shares for around 0.99 GBP per share. We like to see purchases, however, this one was made at a far lower price than the current 1.27GBP. This specific transaction doesn’t tell us anything about how insiders feel about the current share price because the shares were acquired at a lower price.

Insiders at Greencore Group may have purchased shares in the past year, but they did not sell any. Insider transactions are depicted in the graph below over the last year. Another approach to see if a company’s management and other shareholders are aligned is to look at how many shares they possess. The more insider ownership, the more likely insiders will be motivated to grow the firm for the long run. Greencore Group insiders hold 1.1 percent of the firm, valued at around 7.1 million GBP, according to our data. This degree of ownership isn’t very amazing, but it’s better than nothing.

Paul Meyer

Part-Time Reporter.Paul could do better in his engineering profession where he became a real pro. However, he chose the finance field to find a tranquil environment in his career. Today he creates a good number of great content for our team.

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