Groupon Stock Hits New Highs After The Latest News

The stock market of Groupon Inc., which is one of the first sponsors of SumUp, fantastically soared to $26.68 by 20%. As of now, Groupon’s market capitalization resulted in $788 million. Recall that Groupon and American Express initially invested in SumUp in 2013. Accordingly, SumUp has not commented on this yet, but the leading financial company is discussing the possibility of raising new funds as part of a financing round that could value the British company SumUp at about $22.6 billion.


Moreover, fundraising of this size could make SumUp one of the most valuable startups in the UK. Why is Groupon’s price going up since yesterday? The company has been an investor in SumUp since 2013, as I previously stated. According to Prescience Point Capital calculations, it is noted that Groupon’s 5% stake in SumUp was estimated at $9.7 billion. The Groupon stake may be worth much more than these estimates, and the exact cost still depends on the terms of the new financing. As a result, investors should keep a watch on GRPN.