HalfPizza Comes Off The Edge, Destroying The Record Highs

The HalfPizza price is $0.0003579 in real-time. It is up 18.78% in the last 24 hours. Half Pizza is a decentralized community that accepts good ecology models and products. Its community-building section can use any good or model that fits the blockchain’s logic. The concept of the project is based on the concept of mining rewards, where users can get sub-tokens for adding liquidity. The feature of this system is that when the project’s profitability reaches 10 million PIZA (equivalent to US$3), its 3% bonus pool will be used to support ecological mining.

The NFT section was launched in September. It is a platform that combines physical art and the NFT value. The auction is conducted through the NFT section. Halfpizza is a blockchain-based decentralized community that aims to build an open, transparent, and tamper-resistant environment. Its goal is to create an incentive autonomous community that is equal in terms of its membership. In 2019 Halfpizza made itself a team and opened several offices around the globe. The team aims to build a clear, systematic, and identical community.