Halliburton Stock Dips After Q3 Report

During thе сurrеnt trаding session, Halliburton’s stock has been decreasing at a constant rate. The fall in prices could be correlated to the latest announced third-quarter report. The price indicators could see a fall in the amount of $0.17. Despite the jump in oil prices, which will initiate the increase of the quarter report results, the company was on a significant dip today.

The prices for oil were rising for the whole year and represented a total of 4% increase in this quarter. The price of the one barrel of Brent oil is making up today around $85, which is an increase of 64% from the previous year. However, the price of U.S. crude is approximately $83.5 for a barrel, an increase of 72% for the same period of a year. Halliburton in their third-quarter has posted a net income of $248 million.