Hamster Gives Out New Tesla Model 3: How Can You Get It?

The well-known safe and powerful Hamster Token is trading at $ 0.0000000322. For a day, the maximum price is $ 0.000000033, and the minimum one is $ 0.0000000293. The difference between these two points is 11%. The object is valued at $ 76,164,079.20, which makes the token rank # 545. This token is listed on CoinGecko & CoinMarketCap. By now, the roadmap is almost complete. Plans for the second and third quarters have been completed, and for the fourth quarter, there is only one outstanding work left.

Yatırımcıların Yeni Gözdesi HAMSTER Coin ! - Akcoin KaracoinHamster has gone two steps towards achieving its goals. The first one is that this smart contract has passed the Certik reliability test and was rated at 85. And another one-recently, the platform announced a giveaway for Tesla Model 3 to its users for fulfilling the necessary conditions on the network until December 19. The terms of the competition are as follows: subscribe to Hamster on Twitter, tweet a specific tweet (for more information, please go to the official blog), buy 500,000,000 HAMs, which will cost $ 15 in total, and not spend it, and lastly, you need to buy certain tokens. This protocol has huge plans and goals. Its team is working to create HamsterSwap, which was on the to-do list for the fourth quarter. In addition, it’s planning to implement NFT.