Hannover House Moves Up On High Volume: Will It Continue?

There has been no news with regards to the company Hannover House Inc (OTC: HHSE) in recent trading sessions but on Thursday it emerged as one of the notable gainers.

HHSE stock gained as high as 45% on Thursday. In order to get a better understanding of the possible reason behind the rally in Hannover House, it might be worthwhile to take a look at development from last month. In the second week of January, Hannover House along with its theatrical affiliated Medallion Releasing Inc signed a key deal with Getting Grace LLC. The agreement between the parties related to a theatrical release of the comedy drama ‘Getting Grace’ across the United States later on this year.

The release is going to happen this spring. Getting Grace has been produced, directed, and written by noted Hollywood personality Daniel Roebuck. Hence, it was no surprise that the announcement sparked considerable excitement among investors. Investors could consider keeping track of the Hannover House stock over the coming days.

Richard McEntire

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