Have Orakler Holders Been Scammed?

Orakler is one of many decentralized platforms based on BSC and NFT technology. It was created to provide a stable economy as a game, as NFT games face the challenge of having a short lifespan. ORKL, its native token, surged 86% to $0.26 on the night of January 26/27. At the moment, the price has plummeted to $0.11, which is 98% less than the price a week ago. In this regard, the holders are furious and bewildered, some are afraid that this was a scam.


Representatives of Orakler immediately denied the rumors of fraud and urged the holders to be patient. They made it clear that they were very upset too about the recent events, but also they were doing their best to save this project. They explained such a sharp decline in the price by the fact that the liquidity of the pool hadn’t supported numerous sales. Moreover, the exchange was closed due to a lack of money in the prize pool, which you can see for yourself in BSCScan. Due to recent events, there have been a number of changes in Oracler’s economy. You can find more information on the project’s Twitter account.