Healthier Choices Management Corp (HCMC) Stock Prepares Skyrocketing Pricing After It’s CEO Jeffrey Holman Announced “NewCo” Spinoff Company

Furious CEO Jeffrey Holman of Healthier Choices Management Corp has announced superb plan to increase the current value of HCMC stock thus retail and institutional investors may possibly push it’s price to skyrocket as soon as next Monday will kick in.

Specific Four-Point Plan was presented to current investors in order to provide added value to stagnant HCMC stock even though company grew dramatically during last couple of years. This idea might bring positive results after successful execution.

Simply put, Four-Point Plan indicates the following strategies:

  1. A buyback of up to $5,000,000 of HCMC common stock. The management board has decided to purchase back nearly $5 million valued HCMC stock to reduce the share count over time.
  2. A spinoff of certain HCMC assets into a new publicly traded company (temporary “NewCo” until a name is confirmed). Ada’s Natural Market, Paradise Health and Nutrition, Mother Earth’s Storehouse, Healthy Choice Wellness Centers and online branch will be the asset transfers for NewCo to get listed in major exchanges.
  3. A stock dividend to HCMC shareholders of the stock in NewCo, on a to be determined record date, of 100% of the initially issued shares in the new public company, subject to certain dividend conditions.
  4. Equity capital raises from institutional investors to strengthen and fund both HCMC and NewCo moving forward.

Therefore, HCMC stock may skyrocket as a result of buying back large amount of shares by company to protect loyal investors and create new stock further adds more value.