Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR) Pops 8.2% While It Announces Grants For Web 3 Interoperable Applications With Filecoin

The price chart of Hedera Hashgraph shows positive dynamics by 8.2%. Filecoin and Hedera Hashgraph have announced a joint effort to improve Web3 interoperability. The program starts with $200,000 in grants to demonstrate the implementation of NFT use cases, but the long-term vision is a full range of distributed registry solutions, including the development of consensus, storage, and smart data that combine the strengths of both networks. The Hedera 10 Improvement Proposal (HIP-10) offers an ecosystem standard for NFT metadata.Zain Group joins Hedera Governing Council to create a safer, fairer, more  secure internet - GraphBuzz.com Trending News | Technology News |  Entertainment News To support this new functionality, Filecoin (in particular, the NFT.storage service) provides decentralized storage of a JSON schema containing these NFT properties, as well as multimedia or localization data. Combining Filecoin and Hedera provides a truly decentralized experience with NFT. Filecoin, acting as a decentralized NFT storage layer in the Hedera network, will ensure maximum trust in gaming assets, works of art, music, supply chain data, financial applications, and much more.

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Miriam Bozini

Finance and Business Reporter

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