Hedera Invades Breakout Zone, Time To Buy?

Many cheap coins and tokens are winning the hearts and minds of crypto fans. Just look at Shiba Inu, DogeCoin, AdaDao, Cronos, and others. They are on top of trending cryptos while being fresh to the market. For three years old Hedera the time has come to enter the breakout zone to jump over $1 value.

At the beginning of listing on Coinmarketcap HBAR had continued trading under its initial $0.087 price until January 2021. In that month Hedera could pop over the initial price. Then it jumped four times higher to $0.4026 on a crazy volume of $1.08 billion. Eventually, it was dancing around that value until $0.1586 has appeared as the bottom price in July 2021.

A miracle came to Hedera by pushing it to the new high of $0.5059 on September 15, 2021. Nevertheless, the coin fell to $0.3042 which took effect from short squeeze loving traders. Fortunately, HBAR could go up to $0.4516 in more than a month. That moment was the last high price of HBAR.

Then the majority of December days became a nightmare for HBAR trading at as low as $0.225. The new year came with a bit of happiness for Hedera riding above $0.30 in the first week of January 2022. The previous month was terrible when HBAR was available at $0.2618 maximum. Today it is surging 1.62% in 24 hours making the new buyers try HBAR along with meme tokens.

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