Helium One Global (HE1.L) Shares Soar 26.96% In A Day: Should You Invest?

Indicators of the growth of prices for shares of Helium One Global have been growing for six months. The most peak value during this time was on August 5, the share price jumped by 27.90 GBP. Today, the shares are trading at the price of 15.16 GBP, 26.96% higher than yesterday’s value.  Helium One Global has started drilling the Tai-2 exploration well at the Ruka project in Tanzania. This happens quickly after the Tai-1 well, which has proven the efficiency of the helium system, collided with helium gas, but could not be finally tested due to problematic good conditions.

Tai-2 is aimed at the same prospects that were identified in the previous well. The new well is located approximately 20 meters from Tai-1, using the same drilling site, which reduces costs and time. The seal and reservoir demonstrations, as well as the presence of helium at many stratigraphic levels, point to a functioning system in which free gaseous helium is waiting to be discovered.

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Lora Nilsson

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