Here’s About Vinco Ventures’ Subsidiary, Cryptyde

Vinco Ventures develops and markets products for the home, children, consumer electronics, and personal protective equipment for the body, respiratory system in America, Europe, and parts of Asia. This company has been operating since 2017 and during this time has risen its market value to $534.02 million. Its stock, which is listed on Nasdaq under the symbol BBIG, has jumped almost 70% over the past month to $5.26 as of January 18. Yesterday, it cost $3.92. In addition, the price fell another 5% to $3.71 in pre-market as this exchange is more volatile.

Vinco Ventures

A subsidiary of Vinco Ventures, Cryptyde, is expected to appear under the ticker TYDE, thereby breaking into the crypto space. A formal request to register with the SEC was filed last year. Form 10 includes financial information, plan strategies, risk factors, etc. According to the company, there will be one TYDE per 10 BBIG, for example, if the holders have 100 BBIG, then they will receive 10 TYDE. The number of ordinary shares of Cryptyde will be about 19 million.