Here’s The Reason Why TULIP Protocol Token Is On A Rally

Tulip Protocol yield aggregator platform has attracted $5 million in investments as part of the token sale. Meanwhile, the price of Tulip is gaining momentum, demonstrating a bullish move of 14% within a day. Before that, the coin moved stagnantly with an average of $21.40, and now it is open at $24.51. Also, the market cap represents $31,920,190, with a trading volume of almost $3,287,817. According to CoinGeckо, it has a circulating supply of 1.4 million TULIP tokens and a total supply of 10 million.

As you may know, the Tulip was one of the winners of the Solana Season Hackathon earlier this year; its winnings amounted to $25,000. Moreover, Aggregator users can place assets on crypto credit platforms and create their own lending markets. Tulip Protocol blocked funds worth more than $800 million. Tulip Protocol’s anonymous co-founder, who goes by Momo, said the funding will help further develop the protocol and expand the team. Tulip presently works with six employees and hopes to add some developers in the future.