Heroes of Mavia NFT Postpones Public Minting

One of the games based NFTs, Heroes of Mavia has decided to move the date of minting to March 4th due to the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. Actually today it was supposed to go for public minting when the market is volatile because of invasion in Europe where most of the team members live.

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In the tweets, Heroes of Mavia makes clear to the public that some of the team members are in Ukraine,

With over 115k followers the NFT looks authentic and also its game feature makes many gaming addicted token collectors jump right into its virtual world to earn precious ruby. This kind of gaming-based NFT has a very long future unlike artists drawn masterpieces that can last not many years.

Even though stocks are trading higher does not mean they have no risks to decline today as the whole of Europe is refusing energy resources from Russia and needs more time to prepare several channels to feed a one billion market. That’s why Heroes of Mavia is saying,

Let’s wait a week for the NFT market to normalize and be stable as in usual days. Postponing the minting might increase the number of its fans in Discord and Twitter as well.