Hertz Could Order Ayro and Electra Meccanica EVs In Masses To Offer Cheap Rental Services

As coronavirus hardly hit Hertz’s business after destroying the tourism industry in most counties cheaper rental offers may somehow keep the possible bankruptcy distant. The popularity of EVs is on the rise and Hertz might see here high potential to win more customers locally before post-COVID-19 foreign tourists flock in.

Electra Meccanica and Ayro managed to offer extremely cheaper EVs as compared to Tesla’s highly praised electric cars. Many countries are slowly opening their borders to foreign tourists who always prefer budget and reliable cars in traveling between cities. Buying these brands may keep Hertz’s revenue stable before the expected boom in tourism as people miss traveling.

Fintech companies or other financial institutions may help Hertz to stand on its feet back again with the initiative to provide electric cars at several cheapest rates.

Hertz is mostly dependent on tourists, taking advantage of local tourism by offering cheaper rates with EVs from Electra Meccanica and Ayro may even recover the revenue.