HEX Announces The Integration Of Hedera Hashgraph Into The Storage Platform

Today, HEX is trading at a price of $0.3563. In the last hour, the HEX has fallen in value by 1.9%, in 24 hours it dropped by 8.2%, in a month it has lost 7.4%. HEX has announced that the Hong Kong-based company has integrated Hedera Hashgraph, an enterprise-grade public blockchain network, into its Hex Safe storage platform. HTS enables users to create digital tokens for any assets in Hedera’s decentralized registry at their own level, allowing them to transfer value rapidly and securely without the involvement of middlemen.

Anything of value can be tokenized, transmitted, and redeemed anywhere. Tokens delivered over HTTPS have similar performance, security, and efficiency as HBAR. Hex Trust was also named strategic custodian of TOKO, a digital asset tokenization process developed by global legal firm DLA Piper, which is a member of Hedera’s Governing Board. TOKO strives to ensure the compliance and regulatory expertise of a law firm with respect to distributed ledger technology and digital assets.

Lora Nilsson

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