Hiru Stock Rockets 150% This Week: What’s The Buzz?

Over the course of the past week or so, the Hiru Corporation (OTC: HIRU) stock has been on a remarkable run and the trend continued on Friday.

Yesterday, the stock soared by as high as 19% on the back of strong momentum and trading volumes to the tune of as huge as 43 million shares. The latest rally in the Hiru stock took the total gains for the past week to as high as 150%. It should be noted that the trading volume has increased progressively.

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The company is involved in the Chinese herbs industry and operates in that space through its subsidiary. Hiru supplies the herbs to the fast-growing naturopathic industry in China and on top of that, the company also makes herbal supplements. The company engages the services of regional distributors in order to sell its products. However, at the same time, it is also known for selling directly to pharmacies, clinics, and hospitals in China.

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