HIVE Blockchain Technologies (HIVE.V) Acquire 3,019 MictoBT Computers Which Will Produce An Extra US$80,000 In Daily Income.

If we take a look at the chart for the last month, we can see that the stock is fluctuating at C$3.0100 from June 10 till June 28 with the small volatility. On June 29, it grew to C$3.3900 and grew even more on June 30 till C$3.9000. The day’s range of the stock is C$3.0800 – C$3.2700 and the total volume consists of 1,065,112 stocks.i?id=062e1d27c80bef5ad1a4e7c81a662060 l&n=13HIVE Blockchain Technologies is the first cryptocurrency mining company with green energy and ESG strategy. On July 12, the company makes an announcement about the buying and hashing of the 3,019 MictoBT mining computers. These modern machines have a total hash control of 264 Petahash per moment (PH/s).

The integration of these mineworkers into the company’s frameworks will be quick upon closing and will increment HIVE’s generally Bitcoin working hash rate by around 46%. At the current trouble and Bitcoin cost, these obtained miners will produce an extra US$80,000 in everyday income. Bitcoin proceeds to have day-by-day volatility of plus or minus 6% and investors ought to be mindful of this volatility.


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