Hot Penny Stock Rise Alert: BNSO Skyrockets Up To 80%

Honk Kong based penny stock BNSO currently traded in NASDAQ platform which was mysteriously pushed by retail investors for no specific reason. This week, BNSO stock had reached up to $11 per share this opening day which is astronomically as high as 80% growth compared to last week’s average $4 performance.

Full name is Bonso Electronics International Inc, they produce weight measurement digital devices, pet electronics and diversified scale instruments for commercial and consumer purpose. Many investors might speculate this Honk Kong tech stock amid it’s solid financial reports and also due to continued pressure on Taiwan’s security where TSMC fab and Foxconn also produce various electronics under the cumulated fear generated by mainland China’s threats.

BNSO stock performance

Big question worries about BNSO rally. How long this stock can maintain this phenomenal streak under the curious watch from speculators? Some industry insiders may give late specific information this week on why Bonso performs well within Wall Street traders portfolio.

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