Hoth Stock Fired Up Today But Falls Tomorrow

In just 15 minutes Hoth skyrockets 140% on announcing that HT-KIT, novel cancer therapeutic prevents cancer cell growth and induces death in neoplastic mast cells over 72 hours. Meaning that HT-KIT could most probably be a breakthrough achievement of Hoth and become commercialized soon if the U.S FDA approves it.

Under $1 Hoth stock says bye to zero

Hoth was struggling in recent years to trade higher and increase its revenue but prolonged clinical trials have forced its shares to become as cheap as $0.6159. In premarket it is trading at $1.50 and can surge higher next trading sessions. If stakeholders believe in HT-KIT’s bright future buying Hoth shares immediately is their first option. The next day Hoth may fall due to corrections as most former rocketed stocks did.

hoth stock