How Costco (COST) Is Winning Amazon (AMZN) In Cheap Warehouse Deals

At a time when it is becoming increasingly difficult for retailers to hold their own against the e-commerce juggernaut Amazon, one company has managed to emerge as an exception.

How Costco (COST) Is Winning Amazon (AMZN) In Cheap Warehouse Deals

That company is Costco Wholesale. The company is one of the biggest retailers in the world, but it has managed to hold its own against Amazon by becoming one of the more popular food retailers in the industry.

Customers can buy anything starting from appliances to jewelry at Costco store; however, it has been revealed in a recent study by Barclays that as high as 80% of the retailer’s members go to the stores for buying food. Customers regularly go to buy food at Costco due to the simple reason that they can buy the items in bulk and that too at prices that cannot be matched by e-commerce companies. Barclays has stated that this advantage has protected Costco from the threat of Amazon.

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