How Eurasia Mining (EUA.L) Can Obtain Funds For Future?

Eurasia Mining’s share prices remained stable in 2021 compared to 2020, except for one accident that happened in January 2021 when the share price decreased to 18 GBP. After this, the company was able to recover fast and keep it in the range of 19.50 GBP – 30.30 GBP. Starting from May, the company faced a continuous decline that was from 28 GBP to 19.50 GBP. On the 12th of July, it opened at 20.10 GBP and closed at 21.50 GBP, exceeding the previous close by 4.88%. The day’s range was 19.50 GBP – 21.85 GBP. The average volume is greater than the total volume by 5,8 million GBP. The EPS is -0.10.

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Eurasia Mining appears to be in a solid financial position in terms of cash burn, but we believe it’s still worth evaluating how easy it might acquire more capital if it so desired. Debt or equity can be used to raise cash for a business. To obtain funds and fuel expansion, a company may frequently sell additional shares in itself. We can calculate how many new shares a business would have to issue to cover one year of operations by comparing its cash burn to its market valuation.

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Eurasia Mining has a market capitalization of 647 million GBP and spent 2.8 million GBP last year, or 0.4 % of its market value. As a result, it could almost definitely borrow a small amount to support another year’s growth, or it could easily obtain funds by issuing a few shares.

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