How Good Is Jupiter’s Messaging App?

The Jupiter Project was created to make blockchain accessible and trustworthy for everyone. Its military-grade encryption keeps all data private and dApp secure. It offers a product Metis, an encrypted, completely secure, and decentralized application that is designed to correspond and store messages using the JUP token. This coin is available on exchanges such as KuCoin, PancakeSwap, Uniswap, and STEX for $0.0157. The cost has been solidly stable at $0.009 since January 22, but this morning it surged 100% to $0.018.

Its portfolio of offering products includes Jupiter-git, Jupiter’s repository server; Fndr, a password manager allowing the user to control account information; Jupiter-node-sdk performs tasks such as encrypting and decrypting data; Gravity, a dApp development platform; and Leda, an NFT trading platform. It is known that NFTs can become photos, videos, audio, game elements, etc. In the latest news, the project has released Metis 1.4 which seems to be able to compete with WhatsApp.