How Good Is STEP For Our Health?

The main phrase of this project is “Get fit, earn crypto, and be the best version of yourself.” This means doing fitness to improve every day and be healthy and get paid for this crypto. Currently, the rewards only apply to activities related to steps. However, the founders plan to extend this to many other activities/sports. It’s noteworthy that in order to receive rewards, the user must have at least 20,000 STEP tokens, the maximum supply of which is 1,000,000,000 tokens. Each is currently worth $0.0048, equal to yesterday’s price. This morning the price was lower, that is $0.004.  


It charges a fee of 10% for every transaction, 4% of which is for rewards, 2.5% goes to the liquidity pool, the rest is for marketing. Here’s another condition – steppers must perform more than 4000 steps, walking, running, or dancing. Steppers are holders and users of an app that counts every step. This project is really useful, given the inactivity of people due to gadgets. However, it is up to you to decide how useful and profitable it is.