How Helpful Is Atlas DEX To Users?

Atlas DEX, which was launched yesterday with an initial price of $0.3, surpassed the $1 mark on January 26 with a 233% gain as of 7 pm ET. Now it’s trading 10 cents lower at $0.9 with a trading volume of $5,982,429. It’s available for purchase on Huobi Global and Raydium Protocol. ATS is owned by Atlas DEX and serves as the management and utility for this project. Atlas DEX is a low price finder. Its job is to simultaneously display DEXs price information on linked chains, and pool liquidity across chains, providing a favorable price to users.

Atlas DEX

Atlas DEX intends to increase the demand for its token each time by creating all sorts of options for its use. So far, in the near future, holders have the opportunity to stake $ATS to earn more, take part in voting on the ecosystem, and have access to the NFT marketplace when it’s launched. It has big plans for 2022: launching a liquidity loss program soon, connecting with Avalanche and Terra, creating an NFT marketplace and launchpad, and much more.