How Much AMC Entertainment Makes Selling ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Tickets

Last week, AMC Entertainment’s CEO sold 312,500 of his shares, after which the price remained almost unchanged, but such an act by the CEO caused investors to distrust AMC. Thus, the market capitalization, which was worth $10.605 billion on January 14, has decreased to $10.559 billion. This stock was last traded at $20.57 on January 15th. The cost has plummeted 31% since the end of December. In premarket, its worth has dropped to $ 19.94, every day it is getting closer to the price during the pandemic.

AMC Entertainment

At that time, entertainment companies like AMC were hit hard and were forced to shut down operations indefinitely as attendance plummeted to zero. Now that the vaccine is doing its job, AMC has opened the doors of about 950 of its cinemas. And ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ generated more than $1.54 billion in worldwide ticket revenue, 40% owned by AMC Entertainment. Naturally, this figure was encouraging for AMC, because its revenue during the pandemic crashed at $4.2 billion and it had to borrow billions of dollars to survive in difficult times. Shareholders hope this company can now raise revenue to become profitable.