How Much Does One NFT Of ShibElon Cost And Where Can You Buy It?

ShibElon calls itself the future, but there is no definite description of this token, as well as information about the total supply of it. However, according to CoinMarketCap, each coin is trading at $0.000004. After midnight yesterday, the price soared 88% to $0.0000051 with a daily trading volume of $574,600. In total, 24-hour growth was 48%. The history of the appearance of this project is intertwined with the biography of Elon Musk, so, Shibelon from the technically advanced Neptune wanted to improve the lives of earthlings, and he sent an electromagnetic signal to South Africa, which affected Elon Musk in the womb, who was born a genius.


After years of observing our planet, he decided to go to Earth to create the biggest transfer of wealth. And in order not to get bored on the journey, he plans to develop and implement a roadmap for his BSC token. The business plan includes Advanced Staking, Super Swaps, 3D NFTs, P2E Gaming, and many more. The first collection of 8000 NFTs will be launched on ETHEREUM. The cost of each is 0.04ETH or $115.2.