How Ryzen 3 3200G Performs On Playing God Of War 2 With PCSX2 PS2 Emulator. Is It Best Value APU?

“I will make you suffer, I am a god of war”. If you played God of War 2 you should know these words from the main character who has to kill everyone on his way. Since 2007 the game has been very popular in PS2. It has many fans around the world. The latest R3 3200G APU is tested by fanatic YouTuber ‘Something New’ who uses PCSX2 PS2 emulator on his own gaming PC. Resolution of 1080p is provided with default settings.

  • Courtesy of SOMETHING NEW via YouTube

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In the beginning, when he climbs the wall, the frame rate is around 60 FPS and frame time reaches almost 22ms. However, 50 FPS and 23ms appear when he meets the giant sculpture who tries to finish him off. After killing the giant, he enters the building which is full of guards. Over there, FPS is about 58 and ms is nearly 20. During the gameplay, there were no laggings. Maybe it is due to default settings. If the fanatic YouTuber played using R5 3400G he could employ high settings. Graphics are blurry and the game is like 1990’s James Bonds PS game. R3 3200G is just good APU for the PS2 emulator. For sure not the best.

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Source: Something New via Youtube

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